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Vector Graphics are basically made up with lines and curves and they are based on mathematical term called vector. A vector image defines itself according to its geometrical components.

Vector Graphics versus Raster Graphics

Vector Graphics versus Raster Graphics from Wikipedia

One can easily modify vector graphics without losing clarity or details of the graphic, because vector graphics don’t depend on the resolution and they maintain clear edges when your resize them. Vector graphics can be printed to a PostScript printer, also can be saved in a PDF file, or imported into a vector-based graphics software. And for such reasons, vector graphics are the best choice for artwork. Artworks are made through vector drawing. Such as logos, that can be used at various sizes and resolutions also in various output files.

The vector objects we create through vector drawing and vector shape tools in Adobe Creative Suite or Coreldraw or any other vector-based application are examples of vector graphics. Vector Graphics standard is different than the typical image files. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for Vector Graphics is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

This vector graphics standard is complex and has been relatively slower to get established at least in part owing to business interests. Many web browsers now support rendering SVG data, but full implementations of this standard are still comparatively low.

In recent years, SVG has become an important format that is totally independent of the resolution of the rendering equipment, for example a printer or display monitor. SVG files are mainly printable text that defines both straight and curved clipping path, as well as other characteristics. Rendering SVG requires conversion to raster graphics format at a resolution convenient for the current application and task. SVG is also a format for animated graphics.

Vector Drawing

But, for the raster images for example (jpg, png, bitmap and psd etc), it’s quite different case. Raster images are made up with tiny pixels and the quality of the image largely depends on the number of pixels. The quality of the raster images also depends on the dots per inch (dpi). How good you will see the image on the display device depends on the pixels per inch (ppi) the device shows. Generally, typical monitor shows 75 to 140 pixels per inch. It’s clear that, all raster images have limitation for usage. We can’t use raster images for professional and business use since the images have significant loss of quality while scaling up. When we scale up continuously we eventually find the pixels of image which is inappropriate. That’s where Vector Drawing comes. Vector Drawing allows to draw the raster image similarly and as a result we get exactly the same image in extremely high quality.

Vector Drawing

Vector Drawing basically done through drawing path of curves and lines. These curves and lines are based on mathematical distance of two points. Whatever the distance of the points, when you scale up, the distance gradually increases maintaining the exact ratio. So, there’s no chance of loss of the quality. At Vector Graphics India, our highly experienced and skilled vector designers draw manually maintaining 100% accuracy. We never use any automated software or tools for vector drawing. We provide you your preferred file version (ai,eps,svg,gif and pdf etc.) where you can re-edit or re-design the vector file. We never keep your design or distribute, we always prefer clients’ privacy. We generally accomplish vector drawing and submit the file within 24 hours. But it may require more time for complex vector design. For bulk vector drawing service, we always maintain the fastest turnaround possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our vector drawing service and vector design service, you can ask for re-drawing or re-design however you wish. If you want to convert raster to vector, jpg to vector, bitmap to vector, convert logo to vector or png to vector or anything relating Vector Conversion Service, please contact us @

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