Our quoted price is very much affordable and highly competitive considering our quality and service. While sending us any files, please make it very clear about your requirements. Why paying for something you don’t need? Once the file is received, we will apply vector drawing and tracing everything within the image or the parts you specify.

If there’s any font in the picture then make sure to provide us font name or the font file, otherwise if we have a hard time identifying or finding it then every letter will be traced. If you send us any scanned file then use scaling feature of your scanner with high dpi and resolution for more clear view. If possible, always try to send us your best available photos. You can understand, pricing varies on complexity of the image and the time it requires to redraw.

An approximate estimation of our vector conversion service charge,

Simple 4-10$
Complex 12-15$
Super Complex 25+$

JPG to Vector


We’d like to hear from you if you get a cheaper quote than our quoted price, may be we will be able to offer you something better than that.
For additional request, requirement or question- CONTACT US TODAY or REQUEST A GUOTE. We look forward to giving you the best vector conversion service you ever imagined.
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