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Vector Graphics India offers amazing post production services to enrich your product images. Our graphic design studio provides numerous post production services including clipping path, drop shadow, ghost mannequin, color correction, image masking, background removal and other design services. Our clients receive the highest quality in the business and each project gets a unique treatment according to your business and the details involved. We have several companies involved in post production services including Clipping Creations India, Trading Expert London Limited, Arafin Media and Vector Graphics India.

Post Production Service


Post Production Services from Vector Graphics India:


1- Clipping Path:

This is one of the most common post production services used by clients around the world.  This is a unique feature for background removal and one of the preferred post production services at Vector Graphics India. We deliver a wide range of clipping path services at the best cost, whether you’re looking for a multi path for color correction or removing background from pictures.

Our specialists use the best updated programs and up-to-date techniques to expel any visual errors on the picture and could never trade off with the simple automated Magic Wand Tool. We guarantee 100% handcrafted clipping path and we deliver each single detail our client requested. The main conceivable approach to accomplish quality clipping path understands the layers of the picture and the object type targeted.

2- Image Masking:

Another post production service that is used for background remove. Image masking is one of the main image handling operations. It is utilized to remove the background from pictures which have obscured hair or fur portions and blurred edges. We can dispense, concentrate or isolate the object from the remaining photo using the image masking feature.

3- Colour Correction:

Color correction service is when you change the color of a digital video, image or any other form of digital media. Usually needed when certain colors of the objects such as accessories or clothes have to be colored differently, in order to restore balance to the object. This post production service can be executed through professional photoshop techniques.

4- Photo Retouching:

This is one of most used post production services for the fashion, model and e-commerce photography. Photo retouching is used for blemishes and color adjustment to complex image compositions. Our team has the skill to create the ultimate image for your business, regardless of how large and complex your image is. Makeup retouching, portrait retouching, glamour retouching

5- Ghost Mannequin:

Ghost mannequin is a significant post production service for magazine publishers, e-commerce, clothing brands and professional photographers. It makes your product more detailed, eye-catching and alive since the shots are taken from different angles. This allows us to manipulate and control the shadows of the product as well see the inside of the product.

6- Background Removal:

Background removal services vary depending on the object cut out from the background and the image size. This is one of the most widely used post production services in e-commerce sites and publishing media. Photos may need rearranging, resizing, redecoration during the process and we take these requirements in consideration.

7- Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard animation is a video animation process where we can describe and show creative story and storyboard, hand-drawn elements to the audience. The artist draw on a whiteboard or something looks like whiteboard and record the story. One can either add voice, music or both with the video. Whiteboard animation is extremely effective for advertising through online or any media. Every successful organizations rely on whiteboard animation for their business promotion. So, when are you getting a whiteboard animation video ?

These are some of the post production services at Vectors graphics India. Our team will help you produce quality graphics and re-design your creative projects with the utmost of professionalism.

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