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PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, it’s an image file format which is actually a raster graphics format that supports loseless compression. PNG is an improved version of GIF and it’s also the non-patented replacement of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and the most widely used loseless image file. Although GIF allows animation but

Comparison of JPG and PNG from Wikipedia

Comparison of JPG and PNG from Wikipedia

PNG only displays single image. But another extension of PNG named MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) displays animation but it is more complex and it has totally different file signature. Most of us recognize PNG as a transparent image file system, but it doesn’t always show transparent unless you apply clipping path and remove background. The lossy images for example, jpg can’t provide transparency, so for the transparent background, PNG is the first choice of all since PNG provides variety of transparency options.

PNG uses two stage compression process; pre-compression and compression. Also it uses non-patented lossless data compression which is known as DEFLATE. In comparison with lossy compressions like JPG, compression quality settings of PNG can be made higher and it takes more time for processing than usual also it comes with different size.

Since, your PNG file has limited pixels; you can’t really scale up or zoom in unlimited. Actually, when you try to scalePNG when zoomed in. up, the pixels come visible as you see in the image. But it doesn’t happen with the vector files. Vector images are based on mathematical term, when you scale up a Vector file the mathematical term stays the same. It renders the same visual graphics no matter what the file size is. Vector images can be scaled up at any range without losing the quality. When you convert PNG to Vector, you get the chance to scale up your PNG image to whatever extent you wish. PNG to Vector is generally performed through powerful software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. There are also some automated software and online application to convert PNG to Vector, but the result image doesn’t come same quality as the image which is manually converted through illustrator.


In Vector Graphics India, we have 100 highly skilled and experienced graphic designers working for many clients worldwide. Our highly skilled and experienced graphic designers manually trace or draw the raster files by hand 100% accurately.

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Quality of the image is the most important element when it comes at professional use. You can use the vector files for any professional use for example publication, media, banner, animation, advertising and printing etc. You can enlarge the vector files however you want. We never use any automated software or online application to convert PNG to Vector. Generally, we convert PNG to Vector and submit within 24 hours, but if the image is very complex we may need more time for the vector conversion. But, we can always convert png to vector maintaining the best quality and submit within your preferred date.

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What are you waiting for ? Send us your PNG files and we will convert your PNG to Vector as faster as possible maintaining the highest quality vector conversion. If you have different raster files you can try Raster to Vector, JPG to Vector or if you have logo to convert, please try Convert Logo to Vector.

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