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We all know that, JPG file format is lossy, which means it is formed with loss of image quality. This image format was standardized by Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). JPG files are basically used for the photographs so that, one can capture as many photos as possible. Moreover, website requires low sized images for better loading speed and that’s where JPG comes. The files are limited within just a screen, you can’t zoom in or scale up to see details. In order to zoom in scale up JPG images, you will find extreme loss of quality. JPG image format supports 24 bit color and with the lossy compression it carries very low quality comparatively with the vector files. Thus, JPG isn’t suitable for any commercial or professional use, since the images must have proper scalability to ensure professional quality. And, that’s where our jpg to vector conversion service comes.

JPG to Vector, a service to convert your low quality pixelated jpg into very high quality scalable vector. You can have many images that you can’t scale up or zoom in to see in details. Therefore, those images can’t be used for any professional matters for example, printing, publication, t-shirts, business cards or for banners. For professional use, the image must have the scalability, so that one can see the details inside the image.

JPG to Vector Conversion from Vector Graphics India


When you convert JPG to Vector, you get the chance for getting infinite resolution to whatever extent you wish.  And you don’t even lose any quality of the images and most importantly you get better quality.

The highly skilled and experienced graphic designers of Vector Graphics India can convert your JPG to Vector manually with 100% accurate vector drawing. Generally the turnaround for JPG to Vector service is less than 24 hours. But it depends on the difficulty of the image also. But we assure you that we always can submit within your preferred submission date. We are determined to convert JPG to Vector as fast as possible. If you have other raster files for example (png, psd or bitmap) please visit Raster to Vector page or PNG to Vector page of our website.


JPG to Vector

Vector Graphics India is an old and trusted name for the JPG to Vector Conversion Service. You are always welcome to Request A Quote, we will check your images and submit a quote within a very short time and we always keep our price affordable to our clients. Clients’ Satisfaction is always our first priority. Convert JPG to Vector through Vector Graphics India, we promise you will never be dissatisfied.

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