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Vector Graphics India, a name of professional Vector Conversion Service provider. We proudly served few Fortune 500 print, pre-press and retail companies as well as for the world’s top brands, photographers and agencies. Image files for example jpg, jpeg, bitmap, png, psd etc. are made of pixels and the number of pixels are limited in one file. So when we try to zoom in or enlarge, the images get broken and blurry. Vector files for example eps, ai, cdr, ait, svg, pdf, fxg etc. are based on mathematical terms and they have no resolution fixed, so the vector files can be scaled up to any size without losing the quality of the file. Convert image to vector whether it's low resolution or extremely low quality. It doesn't matter whether it's jpg, bitmap, png or any image. We can even convert extremely poor quality raster to vector, jpg to vector, png to vector, bitmap to vector or even convert logo to vector with our detailed and affordable vector conversion service.

Our high quality vector conversion service has brought us thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world and we helped them to save their time and money on their daily labor-intensive raster to vector service. Our expert graphic designers can convert any drawing, photos, scanned images, badges, sketches, logos or screenshot. We convert any Raster to Vector for example jpg to vector, jpeg to vector, png to vector, bitmap to vector, jpg to eps, jpeg to eps, png to eps, bmp to eps and convert logo to vector. Well, we convert any image to vector. Our highly skilled and experienced graphic designers manually convert to vector. Every files are vectorized manually by hand tracing, redrawing and recreating the every tiny details. We never use faulty automated software. Our edited files ensure smooth visibility of line and shape and professional look. Usually, we convert any image to vector and submit them within 24 hours. Once done you will get your file at any format you want. You can use the converted files eps, pdf or vector graphic illustrator file for any purpose for example banner, publications, clothing, production and media etc.

Request a quote from us. Still confused, or something else is poking on your mind?
Looking for any specific file format or design? Just give us a knock and we have the answers for any of your questions or confusions. Our graphic designer can provide you the best vector conversion service within a very fast turnaround.
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Quicker than ever

You need your vector conversion project done by today?? With our expedite service you can have that facility. But if you have time to spare on than you will be able to save few extra bucks.


If you have trust issue for our vector conversion service then you can directly speak to us. If you prefer, we are ready to sign NDA form. Our experts are always available 24/7 days.


We convert raster to vector by manual tracing. We do not use any auto-tracing software. Every single instruction provided by client is followed carefully to ensure optimum output.

Your Safety

Your money will be refunded & no questions will be asked; if we failed to convert your jpg to vector or any other raster to vector projects as per your requirements. We are 100% confident of our expertise.

Cost Effectiveness

Price depends on complexity of the image but simple raster to vector starts at as low as US $4 ! But if you have a large volume of work then you can ask for a quote and we will give you discounted price.


Our company has over 5 years of experience in converting raster to vector but our hired experts are experienced over 10 years. They can make 100% authentic vector drawing even from the scratch.


We understand the importance of your time and work that’s why our site is optimized for your smartphone. Just take a snap and send it to us to convert raster to vector.

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Our Process

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You can either request a free quote and send an email attaching your low quality or small sized images to get them vectorized.
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Once our quote is approved we will move on to process your files.
After getting the quote, you will review our quote and approve it. We will start processing the images right away. Our price quote is based on complexity and time to process the files.
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You will receive your converted files and then you can Download and check them.
Once done, you will receive your converted file from us. Download it, check the quality and let us know if any revisions are needed. We will redo your work at free of cost until you are satisfied.
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